Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New blog what?

Yeah... that's right. Another one. Why? Just... because. OK? You will see, over time, that this blog will rise above the others, and really become a bloggers blog--the kind you can look forward to cooking you dinner after a hard days work, giving you an oiled back massage, and coating your dreams with powdered sugar as they float daintily in and out of your head.

What's that? You don't sleep? Alrighty then, we can do that too. It will be the blog that turns on your computer, makes you watch Hulu all night, cooks you a sickening amount of ramen noodles seasoned with only butter and pepper because you are pretty much out of everything else because you are poor, and find that last swig of whiskey hidden behind that book about how to do magic tricks that you have never really tried to read. Surely fatty ramen and hard liquor will do the trick right? If this doesn't make you sleep, I don't know what will. Maybe stop being such a slacker. Maybe if you did this, that, and the other thing, you could relax... oh and the kitchen is so dirty... and what the hell did she mean by that?

That's right--we'll be here. This blog, that is. I guess that's more of an "it".

Start over.

It will be here. When you need it. Or don't need it. I mean... do we really need anything? That's a stupid question. Of course you do. Air, food, water... and this blog. You will probably one day just have this blog tattooed to your chest.

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